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The Empire Strikes Back is a American epic space opera film directed by Irvin Kershner. Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan wrote the screenplay, with George Lucas writing the film's story and serving as executive producer. The second installment in the original Star Wars trilogy, it was produced by Additionally, several Star Wars video games feature or mention key.

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stars wars flash games However, when Lucas did the same thing for the sequel, it became an issue because they viewed the company credit Lucasfilm halo female porn displaying Lucas' name at the start of the film, while the director and writers had theirs on the end.

After the various increases in budget, The Empire Strikes Back became one of the most expensive films of its day and after the bank threatened to call in his loan, Stars wars flash games was forced to approach 20th Century Fox.

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Lucas made a deal with the studio to secure the loan in exchange for paying the studio more money, but without the loss of his sequel and merchandising rights. After the film's box office success, unhappiness at the studio over the deal's generosity to Lucas henti monster studio president Alan Ladd, Stars wars flash games.

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Like its predecessor, The Empire Strikes Back draws from several mythological stories and stars wars flash games religions. It also includes elements of s film serials stars wars flash games as Flash Gordona childhood favorite of Lucas', that similarly featured a city afloat in ariel fucking sky. The special event was dubbed "Empire Day", a playful take the British Fllash Day holiday known as Empire Day prior towhere legions of stormtroopers were unleashed across the city.


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The film went on to official general release in North America and the U. Though the film was stars wars flash games titled The Empire Strikes Back in its original promotional materials, the film still started with the title Star Wars on-screen which was followed by the opening crawl that gave the film's subtitle as Episode V: The Empire Strikes Backstars wars flash games anime girl dress up surprise among cinema goers at the time as the original Star Wars film had not been given an episode number or subtitle for its first release in A New Hope was added to its opening crawl from its re-release onwards.

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Lucas took this opportunity to make several minor changes to the film. Funny sexy sex included stars wars flash games showing the Wampa creature on Hoth in full form, creating a more complex flight path for the Falcon as it approaches Cloud City, digitally replacing some of the stars wars flash games walls of Cloud City with vistas of Bespin, and replacing certain lines of dialogue. A short sequence was also added depicting Vader's return to his Super Star Destroyer after dueling with Luke, created from alternate angles of a scene from Return of the Jedi.

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Most of the changes were small and aesthetic; however, some fans believe that they detract from the film. The films were digitally restored and remastered, with additional changes made by George Lucas.

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The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy. Also included are featurettes, teasers, trailers, TV spots, still galleries, video game demos, and waes preview of Revenge of the Sith.

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For the DVD glash, Lucas and his team made changes that were mostly implemented to ensure continuity between The Empire Strikes Back and best interactive porn games stars wars flash games released prequel trilogy films. The most noticeable of these changes was replacing the stand-in used in the holographic image of the Emperor with Clive Revill providing the voice with actor Ian McDiarmid providing some slightly altered dialogue.

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With this release, Lucas also supervised the creation titfuck a high-definition digital print of The Empire F,ash Back and the original trilogy's other films. It biocock intamite reissued in December as part of a three-disc "limited edition" boxed set that did not feature the stars wars flash games disc.

The film was reissued again stars wars flash games a separate two-disc Limited-Edition DVD for a brief time from September 12,to December 31,this time with the film's original, unaltered version as bonus material.

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It was also re-released in a trilogy box set on November 4, Since non-anamorphic transfers fail to make full use new porrn the resolution stars wars flash games on widescreen televisions, many fans were disappointed with this choice.

The Empire Strikes Back received mixed reviews from critics upon its initial release.

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Chuck Klosterman suggested that while "movies like Easy Rider and Saturday Night Fever painted living portraits for generations they represented in the present tense, The Empire Strikes Back might be the only example of a movie that set the social aesthetic for a generation coming in the future.

Williams was also nominated for a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe Uddertale - doxygames for starw stars wars flash games score of the film.

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Darth Vader was ranked as the third-greatest film villain of all stars wars flash games in the American Film Institute 's list of the greatest heroes and villains[80] and Wizard warz selected the ending of The Empire Strikes Back as the teacher futa cliffhanger of all time. The line "No, I am your father" is often misquoted as "Luke, I am your father.

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Do, or do not. There is no try", was also a nominee for the same list by the AFI. The film was selected in to be preserved by the Library of Congress as part of its National Film Registry.

Its front cover artwork features the mask of Darth Vader against a backdrop of outer space[91] as seen on tangled porm advance theatrical poster stars wars flash games the film.

Polydor Records used a shorter, one compact-disc edition of fkash music as their master.

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In20th Century Fox Film Scores released a special boxed set of four compact discs: The Original Lara croft porn parody Anthology. This anthology included the film scores of all three members of the original Ztars Wars Trilogy in separate CDs, even though there was significant overlap between stars wars flash games three such as the Star Wars theme stars wars flash games. This original limited-edition set of CDs featured a page black booklet that was enclosed within a protective outer slip-case.

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The covers of the booklet and of the slip-case have selections from the poster art of the Star Wars Trilogy: All of the tracks have been digitally re-mastered supposedly for superior clarity of sound. RCA Victor next re-packaged the Special Edition set later on inoffering it stars wars flash games slim-line jewel case packaging as an unlimited edition, but without the packaging that naked party hentai original "black booklet" version offered.

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Inthe Sony Classical Records company purchased the sales rights of the original trilogy's musical scores—primarily because it already had the sales rights of the music from the trilogy of prequels: This set was made with new cover artwork similar to that of the film's first publication on Stars wars flash games.

A novelization of the film was devil sex stories on April 12,and published by the company Del Rey Books.

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The novelization was written by Donald F. This novelization was originally published as Glash Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Like the other novelizations of the Star Wars Trilogybackground information is added to explain the happenings of the story beyond that gammes is depicted akabur download. It stars wars flash games published simultaneously in four formats: The Empire Strikes Back[97] as part of a serialized comic book seriesand as a paperback pocket book.

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Yoda is thinner, he has long white hair, and he has purple skin, rather than green skin. For the magazine and serialized comic book editions, there was enough time for the artwork featuring Yoda to be revised stars wars flash games, and his appearance was changed to match that in the film.

Comic book historians and industry professionals have remarked that Marvel's Star Wars comics frree sex in the years before The Empire Strikes Back include plot points similar to those later used in the film.

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